Protectal was founded to work with a major charity to deliver first step intervention accommodation for people suffering long-term homelessness.

With the advent of Covid-19 pandemic Protectal responded with:

Rapid mobilisation

Rapid mobilisation of PPE production that required a change manufacturing from renewables to PPE and shared designs, (masks, visors, disposable gowns).

Small businesses

Brought small business’ and independents together to produce, coordinate and deliver items across the UK.

10,000 PPE consignments

Supplied over 10,000 PPE consignments of various sizes from 5 to 200 items in each to the NHS, Ambulance Service, Care Homes, Halifax Bank Virgin Money, Home Bargains, Benefit Mankind, Marie-Curie, St Johns Hospice amongst many of the recipients.

Equipment for schools

Provided equipment that has ensured 12 schools were opened for provision of services for vulnerable children, in summary, this meant children were assured of at least one-meal a day.

We have also provided visors and logistic support to Benefit Mankind. Benefit Mankind have been putting together and delivering care packages, offering to pick up prescriptions, posting letters and simply providing a friendly ear for a chat to vulnerable older people who are part of the 810,000, (more than double that number), people at home who rely on carers with over 1.2 million home visits from carers cancelled, as a result of PPE shortages. The visors have been used by these volunteers to be confident in making visits.

Meet the team

Mark Moore


Mark Moore has a background in Bio-Security and he was responsible for writing many of the protocols for the Foot and Mouth epidemic clean-up. He was also responsible for much of the subsequent management and coordination of the nation’s clean-up efforts.

Peter Wood


Peter Wood is a business consultant, in sectors such as care, including responsibility for ensuring hygienic environments. He was also responsible for instigating the Child Rescue Alert concept with then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith. He have also worked on numerous deliverables for government including Government Connect.

If there is a need for bio-secure containment cleaning on a this kind of scale, with appropriate equipment sourcing, human resourcing, management and coordination of large teams in multiple public spaces, we may be able to help.

We are available to offer support in whatever form is required and believe the process can be managed and monitored through close (virtual) working with the appropriate authorities.

Please let’s make contact if you require further information.