We can keep someone safe, warm and off the streets
using the same amount of energy as a domestic lightbulb.
Offering the first step
in helping people to help themselves
Single occupancy, steel structure
and safety locking means security for occupants

About us

Protectal was established in 2019 to design and developed an innovative (and mobile), accommodation facility to offer safety and secure shelter for rough sleepers.

Our approach to development was to engage with charities, field workers, policy makers, council leadership and service users, (including potential service users) to ask for their advice and understand the challenges, complexities and needs of this issue.

Our aim was to address the service gap and to hopefully make a real difference by complimenting existing strategies.

We refined this further with the support of the Salvation Army and their inputs were part of the NAPpad development and design.

The key remit was to build a solution that was durable, safe, secure and warm. The service users’ safety and dignity was paramount.

NAPpad Outside

The NAPpad

The NAPpad is portable, energy efficient, homeless accommodation facility made-up of four (4) single occupancy pads.

It can plug into available mains and water services or stand-alone and be self-sufficient. It is designed to be safe, secure and energy efficient, with durability to minimise any potential for damage. It is low-cost and low-demand for operators input.

It has an innovative Vital Life Signs Sensor System, (vytalsign) to ensure dignity for people using them.

The NAPpad allows service operators the chance to support entrenched homeless people as they make their first decision to seek support, without the commitment to structure or regulations of a hostel, whilst offering the safety of single occupancy.

The design and simplicity of the NAPpad allows for quick turnaround for operators to offer daytime provision for homeless shirt workers, excluded from hostel accommodation due to their work patterns.

Since the creation of the NAPpad we have developed a number of other projects to support social conscience issues including the vytalsign monitor that is currently being trialed for use in drug rehabilitation and for treatment of sleep disorders.

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