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COVID-19 PPE Response

Covid-19 Pandemic Personal Protection Equipment

During the early days of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the lack of PPE supply. Protectal instigated rapid mobilisation for manufacture & supply of c12,000 PPE consignments, (5-200 items, including masks, visors and protective gowns), to UK frontline services. By pivoting a renewable energy manufacturing.

These were delivered to various organisations such as nurses, ambulance staff, carers, volunteer workers, teachers, bank staff, shop staff and security people.


  1. Frontline workers had protection whilst the first stages of supply was addressed.
  2. Disadvantaged children has access to school meals.
  3. Vulnerable and isolated people received care, prescriptions and comfort packages, as volunteers were able to work safely.
  4. All of the designs and instructions were shared worldwide to ensure other manufacturers could produce their own.
  5. An online hub was created to share designs, ideas, volunteers and requests to streamline the supply worldwide.