The NAPpad is a first-step intervention accommodation solution to help entrenched street homelessness.

This approach to development was to engage with charities, field workers, policy makers, council leadership and service users, (including potential service users) to understand the challenges, complexities and needs of this issue. the approach was intended to complement existing strategies.


The NAPpad is based upon container technology, with risk averse, non-invasive vital signs monitoring service to offer short-term safe shelter and security for those dealing with homelessness and to reduce the risk for service operators.

The NAPpad allows service operators the chance to support entrenched homeless people as they make their first decision to seek support, without the commitment to structure or regulations of a hostel, whilst offering the safety of single occupancy.


The design and simplicity of the NAPpad allows for quick turnaround for operators to offer daytime provision for homeless shirt workers, excluded from hostel accommodation due to their work patterns.

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