Homeless person

On any given night over 200,000 families and individuals experience homelessness across the England alone. These figures include rough sleeping, people living in cars, sheds, garages, and other unconventional buildings, sofa surfing, hostels and temporary accommodation such as Bed & Breakfasts

In 2018, the UK Government rough sleeping count for England, found there has been a 94% increase since 2013, and 165% increase overall since 2010. This situation is increasing as a result of the pandemic as the figures for ‘working homeless’ increase.

Many of these people are defined as Entrenched Homeless, people who may be living a rough sleeping lifestyle, or who has a history of long-term hostel living and repeated periods of rough sleeping.

Many of these people experiencing homelessness are subject to abuse and exploitation and more than 8 out of 10 people (85%) reported having a chronic health condition, therefore likely to die prematurely.

Protectal have designed and developed an innovative (and mobile), accommodation facility to offer safety and secure shelter, with innovative Vital Life Signs Sensor System, (vytalsign) to ensure dignity for people using them.

The NAPpad is make up of four (4) single occupancy pads. It can plug into available mains and water services or stand-alone and be self-sufficient. It is designed to be safe, secure and energy efficient, with durability to minimise any potential for damage. It is low-cost and low-demand for operators input.

As part of the development and build of the NAPpad we engaged the Salvation Army, Shelter, other homeless charities and volunteer groups, Local authorities, as well as their operations teams and their service users. Their inputs were part of the NAPpad development and design.

The design is seen as the opportunity to encourage first-step intervention into the often-entrenched lifestyle.

The affordable design and simplicity of the NAPpad allows for quick turnaround for operators to offer daytime provision for homeless shift workers, excluded from hostel accommodation due to their work patterns.

NAPpad Outside
NAPpad Remote Control

Price per 4 unit NAPpad is available on application.

Protectal have arranged funding initiatives available based upon a price per pad per night basis. Available on application.

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