Social Awareness Projects

As part of the development of the NAPpad design, we have created a Vital Life Signs Sensor System, (vytalsign).

Created to ensure the dignity and a good nights sleep for NAPpad users. The vytalsign system uses radar and sensor technology to non-invasively track core signs of life such as breathing and movement. On identifying an issue, the system sends an alert to trigger a blue light and operator response. The system is not seen as infallible, so its intention is to increase the chances of survival in the event of an emergency.

The system has already been identified and requested for use as part of drug treatment & recovery research.

We will also develop additional environmental monitors to track information that may be of use for future development.

We believe the vytalsign system can be utilised for further use in:

  • police or prison cells to monitor the safety of these being held in custody, thus reducing the cost to authorities of a death in custody, (current estimates in excess of £1m).
  • in homes as part of initiative to tackle Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).